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Xalaria is a new era text-based RPG space exploration game with an emphasis on the 'science' within science-fiction. The Xalaria star system is an accurate extension of all that we observe in the universe today, along with spectacular speculations of what else is out there. Upgrading your initial trusty hobby vessel and travelling across stars, you'll meet wondrously described novel life forms, some seeking your friendship. Enter Xalaria bravely, and use everything, and anything, at your disposal to overcome centuries of remote imperialist oppression of your civilisation. Play alone or invite friends to come and help you. Xalaria is free, but requires an internet connection to connect to the central simulator.


Xalaria puts the science back in science fiction

1,000,000 stars

(w)ith online player co-operation supporting 10k players per server

(l)ife forms

never before described

(o)ne of a kind game engine

text based input and output combines with a display of real-time processes started by the player, the same game instance running across all of your devices

(n)ext-generation gameplay

extraordinary level of detail within the game-play

Xalaria is not a game – it is a simulation of real life. The Xalaria star network is what the scientific community refers to as the vast network of stars interconnected by wormholes. This is fewer than all the stars in the universe, as not every star has the fortune to be adorned with a wormhole, but make no mistake – there are nevertheless in the order to 10^7 stars within Xalaria. With cultural exchange possible over these particular stars, do not be surprised that quite a lot of the star systems contain life. But this is real life, and not Hollywood, so most life forms will either be vastly more advanced than ourseslves, or vastly more simple – good luck finding any culture similar to our own. A translator will help, but nothing beats just increasing your cultural experience to have a chance of interacting with the mystery out there.



To play Xalaria, you will always simply type any single letter on the keyboard. You only ever need to type one letter – do not try to type words, unless asked by your vessel’s computer. Command options are always presented in brackets, such as (n)avigate, (c)ommmunicate, etc. Always remember to type ‘return’ to get back to the main menu. To start with, type ‘a’ to view (a)ll commands. From there, just be brave and try typing different commands and you will very quickly learn most of them. The most frequently used command, for most players, is (e)xplore.


Planetary research


You can learn about different planets without even leaving the space station you start the game in (but to leave it, use the (n)avigate command). To research planets, type (p)lanets, or to see the stars around you, type (m)ap. The Xalaria universe is enormous, but the (m)ap command will allow you to see any planet anywhere in the connected universe.


Saving your game


The game is automatically saved as you play, so you do not need to save the game. You can type ‘s’ to (s)ave the game, however the only purpose of doing this is to set a password so that others cannot log in using your name.

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