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Game design: Julian Cochran. Programming: Julian Cochran. Music and sound effects: Julian Cochran. Illustration design: Julian Cochran. Illustration sketches: Mike Offler.

"If you want to create something that will remain valuable for x-years into the future, whether you substitute 1 year, 10 years, 100 years or 1,000 years, what should you do? You create something that was valuable for the same x-years in the past, and remained valuable not just then but each year until the present. Past longevity is a far, far better predictor of longevity than current popularity. In this regard, my life work towards this game was modelled more upon the writing of a large-volume work of fiction rather than a technology-centric game. The hard work is also in the intricate unification and relations within the game-play, rather than the writing of narrative."

- Julian Cochran

Julian Cochran is an Australian classical composer and mathematician based Monaco. 

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